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We pursue justice for our clients – aggressively, strategically and effectively. Whether it is a large insurance company that refuses to pay what it owes, a foreign museum that refuses to return Holocaust looted art, or a Fortune 500 internet company that refuses to play by the rules, we have the experience, skills and know-how to fight back — and to win.

What We Do

Insurance Recovery

From property damage claims to professional liability coverage and directors and officers’ claims, we at Bienstock PLLC have helped scores of policyholders recover hundreds of millions of dollars in insurance proceeds.

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Consumer Class Actions

As the courts make class-action suits ever-more difficult, unscrupulous businesses increasingly engage in illegal practices with the hope that the courts will protect them. We use creative and aggressive litigation strategies to hold these malefactors accountable.

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Holocaust Art Expropriation

We have successfully brought suit in New York courts to help a survivor recover a 19th Century Impressionist painting. But time is running out on the law Congress passed to help enable such recoveries.

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False Claims Act

Relying on our extensive government and health-care experience, we have helped whistleblowers develop and file False Claims Act lawsuits that brought the fraudsters to justice, and allowed our clients to share in the recovery.

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Public Policy Litigation

Effective public policy litigation requires a law firm that understands law and policy, from legislation, to regulation and to courtroom procedure. We can assist you in using the law to obtain the outcomes you desire.

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Meet Martin

Martin Bienstock

Marty Bienstock has a passion for justice. As an Assistant Attorney General, he successfully managed some of the largest lawsuits in New York State. He formed this law firm to assist his clients in holding insurance companies and other large institutions accountable for their actions.

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