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Our unique combination of government service, health-care and policy knowledge and litigation experience allows us to advise and represent whistleblowers on how best to present their claims to the government, and how to ensure they receive the reward they are due.

We Help Construct Your Whistleblower Case

The first and most important step in a whistleblower case is to organize a presentation to federal prosecutors that results in their accepting the case. The vast majority of successful whistleblower cases are those that are adopted by the federal prosecutors at the Department of Justice. Our attorneys have experience in successfully developing whistleblower cases for presentation to the Justice Department, and have seen our clients financially rewarded for their efforts.

We Can Successfully Prosecute Your Whistleblower Case

If the Justice Department declines to accept the case, then you may be forced to litigate the case on your own. Whistleblower cases are among the more difficult lawsuits a law firm can bring. Defendants are often large corporations, and are willing to expend significant sums to put plaintiffs to their proof. Our firm has the knowledge, skills and experience to bring whistleblower cases to trial — and to win.

We’re With You Every Step of the Way

In either event, we stand with our clients every step of the way. Deciding to bring a whistleblower case can be a difficult decision. We partner with our clients through every stage of a case, and make sure their interests always are fully represented.

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