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At Bienstock PLLC, we have exceptional experience assisting clients recover the insurance proceeds they are owed. We know how to make the language of your policy work for you.

Professional Liability and Directors & Officers Coverage

We have represented professionals and directors and officers such as attorneys, accountants, and investment managers, in complex insurance coverage disputes involving hundreds of millions of dollars. Our clients have ranged from the largest private equity funds with nine-figure claims, to smaller (but no less important) claims by individuals whose insurance companies refused to pay when our clients needed insurance most. We understand what it means when your insurance company fails to make good on its commitments, and we are experienced in forcing them to provide coverage and make good on your claims.

Property Damage Coverage

We have successfully represented hundreds of clients who have suffered flood, wind or other damage to their property, in cases throughout the country. These clients have ranged from major real estate developers to commercial establishments to individual homeowners. In total, we have helped clients recover tens of millions of dollars in property damage in cases filed throughout the country.

Business Interruption Insurance

Many disaster victims also are covered for the costs of business interruption. Business interruption claims require attorneys who know how best to interpret a policy for your benefit, and who can analyze the financial impact the disaster has imposed on your company. We are highly familiar with these claims, and can help fight to maximize your claim.

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