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Litigating against the government often requires a sensitive balancing of competing interests to ensure that your policy goals can be sustainably achieved. We have the experience and know-how to succeed in court while maintaining crucial relationships and alliances.

We Have Extensive Experience in Government Litigation

As an Assistant Attorney General, Senior Assistant Counsel to the Governor, and Special Counsel to the Department of Health, Marty Bienstock litigated and oversaw some of the largest litigation matters in New York State. He litigated and oversaw litigation concerning the annual budget, and the education, welfare, housing, prison and health care systems. In many cases, he devised remedial plans to address legal concerns identified by the courts, and supervised litigation to defend those remedial efforts. In the public policy arena, there often are multiple pathways to success. Litigation results frequently drive legislative and regulatory fixes, so that merely “winning” a case does not guarantee a desirable outcome. Based on our experience, we identify litigation strategies that dovetail with each client’s individual needs. We then execute the strategy to achieve results.

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