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Recovering art expropriated by the Nazis more than 75 years ago can prove a daunting challenge. We have succeeded in recovering Holocaust-looted art held by foreign institutions and cloaked in veils of secrecy.

A Good Time to Recover Looted Art

The Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery (HEAR) Act, enacted in 2016, extended the statute of limitations for recovering Holocaust-looted art. Some courts have relied on the HEAR Act as a basis for being especially solicitous of looted art claims.

While recovering art looted generations ago can present daunting legal challenges, the HEAR Act has opened the door on many such claims. The Nazis looted an incredible amount of priceless art, and heirs to pre-war property owners should pay attention to their family’s potential claims.

We have the Strategies and Experience to Recover Looted Art

Recovering Holocaust-looted art involves complex issues of provenance, international law, statutes of limitation and jurisdiction. We have the experience and commitment to assist claimants recover what they are owed. In one case, for example, a looted masterpiece had been sold at auction in Germany. A Bienstock PLLC attorney successfully obtained an order of the court directing the auctioneer to disclose necessary information to the plaintiff, and the case was settled to the satisfaction of the heir.

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